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  • Kids’ health at risk from antibiotics


    LOCAL children are being widely exposed to antibiotics from tainted food and drinking water, potentially harming their long-term health, according to a study by Fudan University.

    The research, which was published in the latest edition of Environment International, tested for 21 human and veterinary antibiotics in 505 Shanghai schoolchildren aged between 8 and 11. Traces of at least one of the drugs was found in 80 percent of the subjects tested.

    The use of antibiotics is commonplace...

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  • India prepares for Zika virus


    As countries in South and Central America grapple with the Zika virus which has been linked to microcephaly— a birth defect where babies are born with smaller heads which limit brain development — India is preparing for any intrusion of the virus.

    The Union health ministry is in the process of getting testing kits for detecting the virus which is spread by the bite of Aedes Aegypti mosquito that also spreads dengue,...

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  • Can Food Allergies Be Prevented?

    Peanut allergy. Conceptual image.

    You’ve probably heard that the occurrence of food allergies is on the rise. Between 1997 and 2007 there was an 18% increase in food allergies in children under 18 years old in the United States. But did you know that there are ways to help prevent food allergies in your little one? Here is the current advice from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.

    Highly allergenic foods, such as dairy products, peanuts...

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  • 50% of kids in 10 states are anaemic : Survey


    NEW DELHI – More than 50% of children in 10 states are anaemic, the latest national health survey showed once again highlighting the daunting challenge posed by malnourishment in the country. Besides children, more than half of the women were also found to be anaemic in 11 states and Union territories.

    However, findings of the first phase of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) for 2015-16 covering 13 states and two UTs...

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  • “Go Green”

    Go green

    “GO GREEN” with Green Leafy Vegetables

    Green leafy vegetables are nutritionally dense and should be eaten daily for maximum benefit and are now referred to as “Neglected gold mine”. As of today, more than 1000 green leafy vegetables have been identified as edible. Even if we manage to include 5 different varieties every week, we will surely see tremendous improvement in our overall health. Since they are extremely volatile and contain many water-soluble vitamins, they should...

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  • Polio vaccination


    70 lakh kids to get polio vaccination

    Chennai: An estimated 70 lakh children in Tamil Nadu below the age of five years are to be covered under the annual national pulse polio immunisation drive that is being held in the state today and on February 21.

    State Health Minister C Vijaya Bhaskar formally launched the campaign, organised by the health department, at the Children’s Hospital at Egmore here.

    The state government has set up over 43,000 booths across...

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  • Harvard University


    Harvard University’s Public Health School opens centre in Mumbai

    The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health recently announced the opening of a centre in Mumbai. The collaboration is aimed at helping to broaden and coordinate the institution’s collaborations to improve health in India and around the world. Harvard alumnus Dr Swati and Ajay Piramal, both at the helm of Piramal Enterprises Ltd and Piramal Group respectively, have provided the space for the centre on the first...

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  • Parental debt may affect kids


    The type of debt parents accumulate might affect how their child behaves. And that could be for better, or for worse, new research suggests. Mortgages fall in the plus column, meaning they’re positively linked to a child’s emotional well-being. But, unpaid credit card bills appear to occupy the negative side, associated with more behavioural problems in kids, researchers determined. Double-edged sword Study co-author Jason Houle said the findings suggest that borrowing money can be a “double-edged sword” for...
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  • FLAX it up!!!



    Suddenly, there seems to be a “flax revolution”!!! Every second person is talking about adding Flax seeds in their foods. If you have a bottle of ground flax seed in your kitchen shelf and use it regularly, then you are definitely going ahead in the health transformation. For those who are still wondering about Flax, its benefits and how to use them, please read through

    Flax seeds are basically seeds from the Flax plant and are...

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  • School Health Program


    School Health Programme to cover Type I diabetes

    With the increasing incidence of diabetes among children, the Gujarat government has decided to undertake screening and medication for this disease in the School Health Programme (SHP) for the year 2015-2016, launched by Chief Minister Anandiben Patel on Monday.

    Also, this year, epilepsy has been added in the existing list of over 20 health related issues, including major surgeries like cleft lip and clubfoot...

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