HeafitO Comprehensive School Safety Program is one stop solution for information and resources on safe school strategies to assist: Students, Teachers, Parents, Support staff etc. HeafitO Comprehensive School Safety Program provides the knowledge that will enable all members of the school community. The goal of the HeafitO Comprehensive School Safety Program is to improve the safety of schools and students through the following:







Safe School Hub – Learning module for teachers and school leader’s

This program includes Introduction to the National School Safety Programme framework and how you can promote wellbeing in your school community – inside and outside the classroom. The teachers and the school leaders will be challenged to explore their own role in addressing student wellbeing.


Emergency Response Training

We help schools in developing general operating guidelines: Communication Plans, Student Evacuation Procedures, General Emergency Actions and hazard-specific procedures. We help in developing Effective Crisis Management and Security Program that will promote the safety and welfare of the students, pre-school staff, protect pre-school property and regulate the operations of the pre-school during a crisis incident, critical incident or in case of medical emergency.

Example: Fire Drill Training, Incident Management, Disaster Management, Evacuation Maps etc.

School Safety Technologies

School safety is a huge topic that encompasses different types of technologies such as: Video Surveillance, Access Control, Fire Systems, Visitor Management,  Alarms, Mass Notification, etc. These technologies help schools detect and deter threats and maintain essential lines of communication in the event of an emergency. HeafitO helps in installing a complete security system for the schools.