Health, Nutrition and Fitness are inter-related and require an integrated policy approach. Childhood is an exciting time when children begin to learn about themselves and the world around them. These years are also the time when children begin to develop habits relating to health and fitness. Such habits can affect them throughout their lives.


HeafitO fitness program is an innovative, professional development program for pre-schoolers that builds a strong foundation towards child’s fitness habits. A child’s success depends not only on his academic skills but it’s a blend of good health, physical and mental fitness.


The National Physical Fitness Programme visualizes that every school going child should be evaluated on the physical fitness by being made to participate and compete in the various measurable fitness tests.


How HeafitO can Help?

Fitness Clipart 

Fitness Assessment

 With specially developed HeafitO child assessment and screening tools, along with unique games and activities. Our assessments will be undertaken on the following aspects of child’s development.


Physical Health  |  Social/Emotional development  |  Communication  | Cognitive development

HeafitO assessment provides Educators and Parents with confidential information about a child’s development and growth through a developmental checklist for each child (recorded and kept by HeafitO experts).

Fitness Program


This program works on motor skills, rhythm and creative movement of each child and these aspects are incorporated into our lesson plans and this vary based on skill level and age of the dancer.


A program designed to work around the different stages of child development. It covers the basics of martial arts and are presented in a way that is always fresh, fun and challenging. 



Creative and energetic classes designed to develop concentration coordination, strength, flexibility and body awareness. Our module includes Simple Exercises, Breathing Techniques, Yoga Games and Relaxation.