Why Teach Health Education in Pre-School?

A Comprehensive Health Education pro­gram included in the pre-school curriculum builds student’s Knowledge, Skills and bring positive attitude about Health, Physical, Emotional and Mental Health are key predictors of future quality of life for today’s students.


By partnering with HEAFITO‘s Health Education program for pre-school, your students will be exposed to a variety of health themes in school such as Nutrition, Disease Prevention, Physical Growth & Development, Healthy Food Choices, Safety etc. Our Health education curriculum is based on the vision that the knowledge and skills students acquire in the program in the early stage will benefit them throughout their lives and enable them to thrive in an ever-changing world.


We believe that the school communities are one of the most influential institutions in the lives of children. Preschools  help to make a solid foundation of physical and health education in kids from their early childhood years.


Our main focus is to address the health needs of a child, both Physical & Mental. In addition, we emphasis in providing information on Nutrition, Yoga facilities and Counselling for Kids and Parents at school. Heafito has developed its very unique program to tackle issues related to health where it feels need to start right from pre-school.


How HEAFITO can help you?


Health Education


Our sequential, mastery-based, health education curriculum for pre-school is consistent with the National Health Mission and updated Physical Education Standards. Our health education programs cover a wide range of topics that provide age appropriate information on topics related to Psychological and Physical Health. Our programs are designed to be more inclusive, active, and fun for kids.

We help kids to become more knowledgeable about each topic we cover and enable children to make healthy choices every day. We work along with Nutrition Scientists, Child Psychologists, Physicians and Experts in the early childhood industry to develop our modules. Our vision is to reach out and connect with kids in a way that they understand and appreciate.

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Health Screening



  • Vision – Refraction, Color Vision

  • Hearing – Tuning Fork sensitivity, General ENT examination

  • Oral Care – Alignments, Cavities, Oral Cardiac Sounds, Overall Health)

  • Respiratory Disorders – General Health Check on upper respiratory tract by Doctors

  • Ergonomics – Overall Bone / Muscle match, General Gait check, Bone joint checks (knee, elbow, shoulder)

  • General Physical Health – General health check by physician (Abdomen, Cardiac Sounds, Overall Health)

World Health Organization (WHO) defines Health Education as: “Health Education is the part of healthcare that is concerned with promoting healthy behaviour”.

A more Comprehensive School Health Education programme provides planned sequential education about health at every grade level that focuses on behavioural skills (e.g. Decision-making, Communication, Negotiations etc.) and that consequently establishes a foundation for an understanding relationship between personal behaviour and health.