About us


About us

HeafitO is a comprehensive system of Healthcare for Preschoolers, focusing on Our Four Master Pillars.



About us


Our early childhood intervention and developmental programs lead children on the path to a healthy future during their early stages, by focusing on these four pillars. The aim of HeafitO program is to support and enhance the Health and Well-being of children and their families by improving the Healthcare Opportunities, Health, Fitness Activities, Parental Programs, etc.


Why HeafitO in Schools?

Schools play a very important role in the health of a child. The academic success of a child is strongly linked to his/her health and overall well-being. School health and fitness programs are said to be one of the most efficient strategies use to prevent major health and fitness problems. After the parents, schools have a major role in providing the instruction and experience that will prepare children to stay healthy and be productive adults in future.


Benefits to the School

1) Schools will now have an analytical tool to compare health with  performance
2) Schools will have complete medical record online and hence can provide parents an important tool to manage child’s health
3) Schools will provide a very useful value add to their students
4) Indirectly schools will be contributing to the health of the country by educating young children on the lifestyle diseases which are likely to affect India in the future