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Harvard University’s Public Health School opens centre in Mumbai

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health recently announced the opening of a centre in Mumbai. The collaboration is aimed at helping to broaden and coordinate the institution’s collaborations to improve health in India and around the world.
Harvard alumnus Dr Swati and Ajay Piramal, both at the helm of Piramal Enterprises Ltd and Piramal Group respectively, have provided the space for the centre on the first floor of the Piramal Tower Annexe. While the Harvard Business School has had a center in Mumbai since 2006, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has had active research and educational programs in the country since the 1960s, but not an established physical centre until now.


Harvard Chan School’s acting dean David Hunter said, “India has made dramatic progress in the recent years. For more than a decade, it has experienced record-breaking economic growth that has been accompanied by significant reductions in poverty. Infant mortality fell from 64 to 41 per 1,000 live births from 2000 to 2013. Life expectancy at birth has increased from 62 to 66 years, and the maternal mortality ratio has fallen from 390 to 189 per 100,000 live births over the same period.” He added that the institution sees many opportunities for the two schools to expand interactions between each other, and public health organizations, as well as the state and central governments dedicated to improving health in the country and the South Asia region.

Speaking about the need for collaborative health programs, Dr Swati said, “Healthcare has always been a primary area of focus for us. We truly believe that the solutions to India’s health problems lie in innovation and structured research in clinical and public health.”




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